Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Our Concepts, Customization Options, Variations and Demos

      We begin template design with a detailed review of business requirements to build a better understanding of market trends, user needs and preferences in select niches. Our development formula calls for maximum relevance of every page, section, element of user interface, their variations and customization options. We do our best to minimize clutter and provide you only with highly relevant and useful variations and demos tailored to your needs. 

      As a result of following this set of guidelines, we develop special-purpose templates designed to provide optimal solutions to your business needs with a number of variations and customization options driven by market requirements and the need for high relevance. Accordingly, any given template may have as few as 2 variations or as many as 20, with the exact number, method and style of customization options driven by user and business needs.

    • Documentation

      Detailed user manual is available on our website at docs.dartsimple.com. Documentation covers template structure, its code, scripts and plugins, features and functions, customization methods and offers plenty of other helpful information to ensure comprehensive coverage. If you need any further assistance, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

    • Technical Issues

      All our projects undergo dozens of iterations of scrupulous testing and pass a series of demanding internal and external quality control tests before being offered for sale. If, however, for any reason you encounter a technical issue not addressed by our user manual, please reach out to our team at [email protected] so we could assist you further.

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    • Manual Customization with Detailed Documentation

      If you are comfortable editing HTML, you can also refer to our detailed product documentation that is available for every Dart Simple template, and customize your template using snippets of code provided separately in the Components folder as well as with customization attributes widely utilized with proper commentary in the code of our templates. 

      Detailed product documentation is available to you free of charge at http://docs.dartsimple.com

    • Custom CSS

      All of our themes and templates are equipped with a well-organized CSS structure specially designed for ease of use and customization. You can either edit existing CSS files, or even add your own code to the existing structure. To preserve integrity of original code when editing existing CSS files, we recommend that you always make backups, and declare additional CSS styles in new files as much as practically possible. Such approach will facilitate your edits without compromising the integrity and validity of original code.

    • Template Updates

      We continuously innovate, improve our projects and issue updates periodically as they are designed and developed. Our customers are informed about updates as they become available by email or with a note to project changelog

    • Using Template Builder (Builder Tap)

      You can use our in-house developed template builder to customize many of the design elements of your template, including layout and structure combinations, UI elements, color schemes, animation, special effects and a lot more to help you kick-start your website quickly. To use Builder Tap, please launch the template demo page from our website or from inside your control panel or login to your control panel.

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    • How to Choose a Section?

      To select a section to customize, just click on the Template Builder icon in the upper right (or occasionally left) corner of the page with demo content. You will then see a sliding menu with available customization options.

    • How to Save My HTML Template?

      Once you apply your desired customization changes in the template demo, please click the Generate button, fill out and submit the Contact form. Once we confirm your purchase using information provided in the Contact form, we will email you a zip file with your fully customized HTML template.

    • I Need Further Assistance!

      Our team is here to help. Please reach out to us by email at [email protected]

    • Template Builder

      Template Builder

  • PSD Templates 4
    • Layers

      Our PSD templates come with a logical, intuitive and well-organized structure of grouped layers for ease of your use and efficiency. Layers are organized in the following groups:

      Modal window styles or push-notifications

      Upper part of the website (menus, logos, drop-down lists, icons, contact details and other elements when applicable)

      Includes key elements of user interface and content-bearing sections (sliders, sidebars, content, typography, etc.)

      Includes usual footer elements (sitemap, links to website sections, logo, contacts, copyright notice, etc.)

      Features main project background and any of the special effects and patterns used across template web pages

    • Image Placeholders

      To comply with licensing rules applicable to images used in our demos, they are replaced with placeholders. However, to assist you in re-populating your website with demo content, we carefully number every placeholder and provide URL for every image in the Credits section of product documentation.

    • Layout

      Our templates often make use of the industry-standard 12-column Bootstrap grid, unless project requirements call for a different layout. 12-column bootstrap grid follows the standard 70px container width coupled with a 30px gutter width and 15px margins to the left and right of the Bootstrap grid.

    • Where Can I Get Demo Images?

      To ease your search for graphic content, product documentation for every template contains a helpful table with references and links provided for each image used in the template demo. Additionally, below is the list of some of the most popular websites that allow free download and use of graphics on your website under CC0 license:

      • www.pixabay.com
      • www.pexels.com
      • www.reepic.com 
      • www.creattica.com
      • www.librestock.com

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    • Validity

      Our team is continuously monitoring latest standards and trends in web development. We stay tuned to  industry's best practices and maintain full compliance with W3C standards. Before being offered for sale, our templates successfully pass W3C Markup Validation, so our customers are provided only with valid and cross-browser compatible code.