Flexipost - Supercharged Blog, News and Magazine HTML Template

Flexipost - Supercharged Blog, News and Magazine HTML Template

Flexipost - Supercharged Blog, News and Magazine HTML Template

Flexipost - Supercharged Blog, News and Magazine HTML Template

Flexipost - Supercharged Blog, News and Magazine HTML Template
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Flexipost is a powerful personal Blog with ravishing looks and unique functionality that will help you to streamline publishing with 9 pre-designed content styles that include top 10 lists, A vs B comparisons, ratings, image galleries, video and mixed content sliders. Custom-developed flexipost floats grid organizes content in your Blog in a series of preview cards that dynamically adjust to any combination of sorting and filtering so that your posts always look fantastic. Optional timeline is available to help users navigate content-heavy blogs. Go social! Flexipost is designed to connect seamlessly with your social profiles, linking your fans to every page on the web that matters. Stream videos directly from your Youtube channel and organize them in playlists as you see fit. Showcase your social presence with profile icons and sharing buttons that seamlessly blend in with your Blog without creating clutter. Featured content can be displayed in single- and multi-post sliders or video features. Make use of 3 unique sidebar layouts to present content in a way that suits your own blogging style, while making the most of every pixel in your Blog. We all know about scarcity! Webpage space is limited, so is the time and attention of your valued fans. Bring joy to your audience and grow your following by making every site visit an easy, engaging and memorable experience with Flexipost.


  • 30 unique content styles - save time with brilliant designs
  • Custom floats grid - vary block size, apply sort and filter
  • Stories, videos & playlists - powerful content engine
  • Ratings, lists & galleries - catchy designs ready to go
  • Responsive timeline - organized & easy to navigate
  • True responsive - brilliant looks on any device
  • 3 unique homepage layouts - customize your Blog
  • 3 Slider Types - hero video, carousel & gallery
  • Gorgeous animations and transitions for memorable user experience
  • 100% responsive – perfect for any device
  • Tested on real devices
  • Social links
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 files
  • Full cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean, well-commented and fully documented code optimized for loading speed
  • 700+ free Google fonts


  • 30 HTML5 files
  • 7 unique home-page styles
  • 3 cool menu layouts with social features
  • 3 slider designs
  • Supporting CSS and JS files
  • Included custom-designed icon pack
  • Detailed HTML documentation


  • Custom-Designed Icons Included with Template


  • Detailed documentation is available to you in our Template Wiki at doc.dartsimple.com/flexipost-boostrap.html


  • Frameworks
  • Bootstrap 3 - getbootstrap.com
  • jQuery - jquery.com

JavaScript & CSS

  • Bootstrap select - silviomoreto.github.io/bootstrap-select
  • Bootstrap validator - 1000hz.github.io/bootstrap-validator
  • Photoswipe - photoswipe.com
  • Moment - momentjs.com
  • Calentim Datepicker - rettica.com/calentim/docs/readme.html
  • Owl Carousel - github.com/OwlCarousel2/OwlCarousel2
  • Isotope - isotope.metafizzy.co
  • Images Loaded - magesloaded.desandro.com
  • Appear - creativelive.github.io/appear
  • Semantic sidebar - semantic-ui.com
  • mCustom Scrollbar - https://github.com/malihu/malihu-custom-scrollbar-plugin
  • consoleFix - gist.github.com/peteboere/4147923
  • modernizr - modernizr.com
  • HTML5shiv - github.com/aFarkas/HTML5shiv
  • Respond - github.com/scottjehl/Respond
  • Placeholder - jamesallardice.github.io/Placeholders.js/


  • Lato
  • Playfair

Demo Images

  • Pexels - pexels.com
  • Depositphotos - depositphotos.com

Please note that images used in the demo are not included with the template.

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